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LUNA is an application that easily solves informing about IT service outages.

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LUNA makes life easier for all users

Manager Manager

/ management on all levels gains information about the current status of IT services in the organisation

  • 24/7 overview of service status
  • only sees actual (verified) failures and outages
  • monitors resolution status (who is involved, which areas are affected, when the situation will be resolved)

IT administrator IT Administrator

/ IT operations gain a single channel of communication for resolution of failures or outages

  • what is happening (only sees verified failures)
  • where the problem is
  • what is affected
  • who is involved in resolution
  • how is resolution progressing
  • how long will resolution take

User User

/ other users dependent on operation of your IT services gain basic information about their status

  • what is happening
  • when the problem will be resolved
  • what is affected

How LUNA works?

An operator monitors your services and if they suspect a failure (or in the event of a planned outage), they check the situation which has arisen and then enter the respective status into the application.

LUNA immediately informs a pre-defined group of users. This means that you can alert the right people responsible for resolving the situation with just a few clicks and can also transparently inform your end users in good time.

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Operation of LUNA is possible in two different regimes


Operation on the cloud

You do not have to worry about operation and the application is not dependent on the stability of your monitored infrastructure which you use LUNA to provide information about.


Operation using your own company infrastructure

Use of your own in-house capacities.

Price list for the LUNA system

Prices are stated without VAT per month of operation according to the number of users

up to 50

Price per month
(in the event of payment in advance for 1 year of the service)


Standard price

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51 – 100

Price per month
(in the event of payment in advance for 1 year of the service)


Standard price

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101 – 200

Price per month
(in the event of payment in advance for 1 year of the service)


Standard price

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201 – 300

Price per month
(in the event of payment in advance for 1 year of the service)


Standard price

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over 300

Price per month


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We offer you the opportunity to try Luna for 30 days completely free of charge, with the restriction of sending notifications only in the form of PUSH and emails.

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Trigama International is a Czech development company based in Prague which has engaged in provision of a wide portfolio of IT services to customers from all over the world since 2013.

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